Welcome to E.S.B.V. Panache

Welcome on the website of the Eindhoven Student Badminton Club “Panache”. We are the student badminton club of Eindhoven and provide the students from Eindhoven a place where they can play badminton. Feel free to look arround at our website for more information about our club and read the latest posts below! Besides, you are always welcome to come at one of our playing evenings on Monday and Thursday evening in the Student sport center.

Playing Evenings:

Monday: 20:00 – 23:30, Hal 1
Thursday: 20:00 – 23:30, Hal 1Β 


1st Potluck

Last weekend Panache hosted their first ever Potluck in history, and boy was it glorious. A Potluck is a special sort of dinner where every attendee prepares a meal according to a theme and brings it to share, just like everybody else. This time the theme was meals from your own country / around the world 🌎

Brace yourselves for all these flavorful dishes – we tried Limburgse zuurvlees, Chinese shrimp stir fry noodle, Mongolian beef stew, Indian biryani, Mediterranean quinoa stuffed tomato, Hong Kongese roasted lamb rib stew, Armenian borscht, Dutch chicken salad and Turkish flatbread. For our thirst, apart from the classic soft drinks, we were blessed with some Korean Soju (fruit based alcoholic) and Scottish Scotch (origin questionable). And obviously, all this wasn’t enough – we had Dutch apple pie with whipped cream and our own portable chocolate fondue as a finale 🍫

With stuffed bellies and satisfied hearts, it was time to call it a night! A huge thank you to everyone who joined, for bringing mouth-watering dishes and for introducing us to a little more culture. Stay tuned for the next edition!

SCHaAP out ✌

Second trainer!

As some of you might have noticed, we have been looking for a second trainer to reinforce our club.
The results are impressive, because as of today we have again a trainer of significance.
Just like our head coach Eli Mambwe, our second trainer has a lot of experience and is well known in the badminton world. As of today he will soon be a familiar face of our club.
Please welcome: Fabian Pang!

Check our “training” page because of the changes in our training schedule that his arrival brought about.

Club championships a success yet again!

As final activity of the season we traditionally keep our club championships.
Our members play against each other in order to find out whom the best player of Panache is.
Of course, during the day we enjoyed some beers and had a lot of fun besides the matches.
After all, we are a students club!
We praise the club championships committee for the nice tournament set-up and the smooth course of the day!

PAKtivity Pusphaira 5×5 tournament

We don’t just stay put at Panache and dare to play other sports as well.
That’s why we joined the Pusphaira tourament recently to add some orange.
We did not win, but we had exta fun to compensate for that!
The next PAKtivity: a visit to a small local brewery at the Achelse Kluis, BE.
Panachers will soon get extra information about this, so keep an eye on your mail!

54th Board!

The change general assembly is past a while ago already, but is remains important to say:
Here is the 54th board of Panache!
These persons already done quite a lot for Panache and will continue with this until the next board change somewhere at the beginning of next season.
If you have any questions or remarks, you now know who we are and feel free to look us up in the hall to have a chat πŸ™‚

from left to right: Ron, Shreya and Tom

Panache Tournament

Like every year, the Panache tournement was again a big success.

Two days the complete student sports centre filled with badminton players from al over the Netherlands;
A fantastic party, as usual at the first evening of the tournament;
Extra difficult matches the day after;

A big pat on the back for the committee and a thank you to all participants for their presence!

Yonex German Open

Finally there was our second Paktivity of the year, the Yonex German Open!
We had a fantastic day with a large group Panachers πŸ™‚
There has been a lot of applauding and cheering, because all the matches were so exiting!
Afterwards we had a lovely diner togheter back in Eindhoven and we had time to discus the matches.

Thank you to everyone that joined and see you next year!
Panache is determined to make this a tradition and with this second time we are on the right track πŸ™‚

Glow 2016

As you might know, last week was Glow in Eindhoven. Ofcourse we used that as an excuse to organise a nice activity with the association! The Panachers were so enthusiast that we even went two days to this amazing festival. The board likes to thank all the members of the PAK for their help organizing this wonderful activity. Furthermore we were very happy with the upcome, good job Panachers! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Hereby a nice picture of the group on the seccond day: glow2016