Dinner Cycle Tour

Friday the 6th of June, I have participated with the Dinner Cycle Tour from Panache. We have been selected intro small groups and every group had to make a dish. This could be the entree, main dish or dessert. I was in the same group as Bram, Thijs and Ilse, and we had to make the dessert.
We started with this Pakitivity at Ilse and Rudy’s home. This was also the meeting place for this Paktivity. Here we got the entree; delicious miniquiches! After that, I went with my group to Sara’s place, where we got to eat the main dish. We got Pasta with tuna and pesto, this was also delicious. At the end, we went to Stijn, where we made the dessert: strawberry with cointreau.
To finish this sociable (and delicious) event, the whole group went to café Kastelein to have a drink. I have enjoyed this evening and learnt a lot of new people!
Thanks Panache!

Rosandra Teurlings

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