Seizoen 2014/2015 begint binnenkort!

From 1 September, the new season will start, and unless you have moved to an other country, there is no reason to not become a member from Panache. That means for the most of you all: Sign up again!
For only 20 euro each year, you can be a contributor. This means you will be able to play all the playing evenings, and once in a week you can attend a training. The possibility to sign up exists throughout the whole year. Especially in the first few weeks, you can sign up easily at the beginning of a playing evening. There will be a table with registration forms, you can sign up over there.
You can write down your bank number or pay with cash. When you write down your bank number, please write the IBAN number. The amount of money will be charged at the end of the season 2014-2015. When you pay with cash, please bring exact change with you.

Also, we will use the orange board from 1 September with the passes. To avoid problems with not having the passes, you can already sign up for Panache this week. If you do that, you will have immediately your personalised pass at 1 september to reservate a court. Stefan, our treasurer, will post an explanation about the orange board on the website as soon as possible.

panache collage

In the month Oktober we want, the 51ste board, retire, and give new members the chance to experience Panache as a board. When you are a board, you will make sure that Panache will still exist at the end of the season.
As chairman, you will feel powerful, and you can take advantage of that, because you are the chairman.
As secretary, you will write everything down when you feel like to do, and kick the chairman if he or she is not doing his/her job.
As treasurerm, you can make Panache going down…or not.
Kidding ofcourse, a function in the board is a serious job. It is expected that people who sign up for this job are serious and have a great feeling of responsiblity. Are you interested to be a part of the board, please send an email to, and we will send you more information!

If you want to have less responsbility than the board, but still wants to be an active member, please join us in a committee. There are differents committees, like the PAK (activities for the members, TC (competitions stuffs…) and the PaMPer (if you can write stories and gossips and stuffs like that). We have more and more committees which are looking for members! It won’t take more time than 10 hours in a month, and you will get a lot of advantages!

For now, enough has been written.


Matt, Stefan en Sara.

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