Competitie verslag – Heren 1

“A day out of Fantastic four”

My first day of Panache competitions began with an exciting long drive to Tilburg. I was set to explore a new world of Badminton outside India together with Stefan van den Hoek, Timo Visser and Matt Timmers. Thanks to Matt’s music it really was a joyful ride.

A cordial welcome by our opponents BC Bever and it didn’t even take a while to get settled. We battled 8 matches, where 7 were 3 setters. We won 3 singles and lost 1 and the results complemented with that of doubles. There were nail biting rallies and close finishes.We were forced to a tie with a final score of 4-4.

Then came the best part after a quick shower. Our opponents hosted a beer hour !! We talked football and got to know each other more.
Thanks to Panache for making me a part of you. This first day was a promise of many more amazing days of Badminton with Panache.

Fingers Crossed !!!!!!!!!!

Praveen Pujari.

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