Het nieuwe bestuur is geïnstalleerd!

Dear Panache members,

During the general member meeting on 13th November, the 51st board (Matt, Stefen and Sara) has been discharged and the 52nd board board has been officially installed! The new board consists of: Remco Aarts (chairman), Rik Sweep (treasurer) and Cong Yu (secretary). As new board member we would like to thank the old board for their excellent work in the past year and at the same time we are ready to commit ourselves for a healthy growing Panache. More importantly, we are ready to help! Thus for anything Panache related, do not hesitate to contact us. At least one of us will be presented at every play evening. To know us a bit better, Please check out the newest issue of minipette during the play evening! There you can read about the self-introduction of the new board (in English) and the summary of the board year 2013-2014 from Matt (in Dutch). Alternatively, you can check out our website www.esbvpanache.nl.

A short announcement: due to too small amount of players present at the test playing time slot (Tuesday 17.00-18.30) in October, this playing time slot no long exists. Thus our playing time goes back to Monday and Thursday 20.00-23.00, Hal 1.


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