PAKtiviteit: Yonex German Open 2016

Two weeks ago we informed our members about this unique PAktivity.
After a lot of managing and a fair number of subsriptions we finally reached our goal:

Last Saturday we travelled with a group of nine enthusiastic Panache members towards the Yonex German Open. This is a international Badminton tournament, that recently upgraded its status to a Grand Prix Gold tournament. Thanks to its upgraded status, the German Open can now atract world-class players even better. This year the absolute star player was Lin Dan! But also in the women’s single and in the doubles there were enough players from the top ten of the BWF World Ranking. Enough reasons to organise a trip to Mulheim an der Rühr, that’s even less than one and a half hour driving from Eindhoven.

Saturday was the semifinals day and that was made clear to us!
We have seen a lot of exciting matches and almost all of them were three-setters.
Resulting in much and long entertainement and enshured us a great day!

Yonex German Open 2016
Officially we were with nine, but three of our group already walked to the car at the time this picture was taken.

At least I want to thank everybody that participated on this trip for the nice day we had!
Next year we’ll do it again!

Ron Blijlevens
Secretary ESBV Panache and Organisator of this PAKtivity