1st Potluck

Last weekend Panache hosted their first ever Potluck in history, and boy was it glorious. A Potluck is a special sort of dinner where every attendee prepares a meal according to a theme and brings it to share, just like everybody else. This time the theme was meals from your own country / around the world ?

Brace yourselves for all these flavorful dishes – we tried Limburgse zuurvlees, Chinese shrimp stir fry noodle, Mongolian beef stew, Indian biryani, Mediterranean quinoa stuffed tomato, Hong Kongese roasted lamb rib stew, Armenian borscht, Dutch chicken salad and Turkish flatbread. For our thirst, apart from the classic soft drinks, we were blessed with some Korean Soju (fruit based alcoholic) and Scottish Scotch (origin questionable). And obviously, all this wasn’t enough – we had Dutch apple pie with whipped cream and our own portable chocolate fondue as a finale ?

With stuffed bellies and satisfied hearts, it was time to call it a night! A huge thank you to everyone who joined, for bringing mouth-watering dishes and for introducing us to a little more culture. Stay tuned for the next edition!

SCHaAP out ✌