There is always place to play some games with the other players of the club on our playing evenings. But do you want to compete with other players from brabant or from al over the Netherlands? Then you are the right person to participate in the Dutch competition or Tournaments! We offer the opportunity to participate in the recreantencompetition, the bondscompetition and in tournaments.

Amateur Competition

The amateur competition is split into the autumn competition and the spring competition. The games of the autumn competition will take place between October and February, the games in the spring competition form March till June. You play six to eight games in both competitions, which will take place in the midweek. The rival teams are mostly easy to reach with the public transport but you can also rent a van from the Sportscenter with your team to reach the other teams. The competition is divided into three levels: from beginning to formal competition player. But the most important part of this competition is the social and fun part!

A team consists of a minimum of four players. You can join the autumn or spring or just play the whole year. If you want to join this competition you need to be subscribed at Panache as a Recreant. This will cost you a little more than normal membership (see membership), but it is always worth it!

The competition is a great method to increase you badminton skills in a fun way!

National/regional Competition

Panache participates with multiple teams in the Dutch competition every year. For more information, send us an e-mail or talk to the board at a training.


Panachers frequently participate in (inter-)national badminton tournaments. Besides our own Panache Tournament, the orange of Panache can also be found at: ISBT Tilburg, ISBT Maastricht and TTST in Rotterdam. To encourage our members to join these tournaments we have a fund which refunds a part of the entry money which you have to submit.

For more information about other student tournaments you can take a look on these sites: