Member documents


If you want to read our by-laws, please contact the board to get the most up-to-date information.

Member list

If you want to get access to our memberlist, request the up-to-date version at the board and we can either approve or deny.

Privacy statement

Privacy statement of ESBV Panache, dated June 6th 2018

We respect your privacy and we process your personal data solely for the purpose for which you have provided them. In this privacy statement we attempt to create clarity on what personal data we collect and for which purpose.

1. Data

Name association: Eindhovense Studenten Badminton Vereniging Panache


Registration number KvK: 40236792

2. E-mail Address

Your e-mail address will be used to notify you from news items that are important for all members of the association. Finally, the association (represented by the board) can use your e-mail address if it requires contact with you. You can always modify your e-mail address through the board of the association.

3. Address

Your address will be used in case you are a competition or reserve player, because Badminton Nederland asks for this data. Furthermore, the association (represented by the board) can decide the data will be used to send the association’s magazine.

4. Phone Number

The association (represented by the board) can use your phone number if it requires contact with you. You can always modify your phone number through the board of the association.

5. Bank Account

By becoming a member of the association, you can give your bank account number (IBAN number). These details will in that case only be used to pay for the contribution to the association through automatic collection and for eventual payments to you. To modify these details, you can contact the board of the association.

6. Photos

During activities of the association, photos can be made of the people present. Of these photos a selection will be published on, and/or the closed Facebook group. A selection can also be used for promotional purposes. By being present at an activity, you agree with whether or not publishing of (a) photo(s) on which you are depicted. In case you object to this, you can indicate this to the board. In case (one of) the photos of you, published on Flickr and/or Facebook, do not please you, it/they can be deleted from the website and/or Flickr on request at the board.

7. Membership Cards

During the first subscription, a photo will be taken of you. This is with the aim of creating a membership card, needed for the playing board. This photo can be saved on Dropbox and can be sent to the secretary through WhatsApp and/or e-mail.

8. Additional Personal Data

Additional personal data will only be used in case the association (whether or not represented by the board) needs these to perform its tasks, whether or not originated through an agreement or arrangement between you and the association.

9. Provision of Personal Data

Your personal details will be provided to Dropbox and/or Google, because said details are saved here. The files that hold these details, are secured with a password. E-mails will be sent through Gmail, this means Google knows your e-mail address. Your data will not be sold or shared with other parties, unless the board feels compelled to do so.

You can always view your own data. This is possible after request at the board.

10. Storage of Personal Data

Your personal data will be saved for a maximum of five years, with the exception of your name and e-mail address so we can invite you for future lustrums. If you wish these details will be deleted sooner, you can inform the board. Depending on the interest of the association, the board will or will not delete the data and will keep you informed about this.

11. Amendments of This Privacy Statement

The association reserves the right to change this privacy statement at all times. These changes will be published on this location and will be announced to its members by e-mail (through the newsletter, for example). After the announcement of the amendments, the new statement will become operative automatically: without counter-notification by you, you automatically agree with it. In case you have objection to the modifications, you can notify the board of the association within a month after the announcement.

12. Contact

If you wish to reply to our privacy statement, you can contact us:

Mailing address:

ESBV Panache
Onze Lieve Vrouwestraat 1
5612 AW
Eindhoven, Nederland