Would you like to become a member of our club? On this page you can find all the information you need.

Student Sports Centre Eindhoven

Panache is a subassociation of the Student Sports Centre Eindhoven. Therefore first of all you will need a valid sports card of the Student Sports Centre. You can request for a sports card at the reception of the Student Sports Centre or online on their website. For more information about the sports card, please check the website of the Student Sports Centre Eindhoven. If you already have a valid sportcard you can skip this step, naturally.

Types of membership

Within Panache we have three kinds of membership: competition player, recreant and contributor. These have different characteristics. For instance, You can only become a competition player at the beginning of the year, recreant only at the first half of the year and recreant throughout whole the year. The other characteristics are discussed below:

Competition player
As competition player you join the regional/national competition. At the beginning of the season the competition teams of Panache are composed. You will be classified in a team according to your playing level which allows you to have worthy opponents during the competition and you will play exciting matches. These matches mostly take place in the weekends, but sometimes also on the Friday evenings. Besides, you can join the competition trainings on Monday and the advanced trainings on Thursday. This way you can maintain your badminton level and improve it. Obviously, you become a member of the Dutch Badminton Association and you can always come for free playing at both our playing evenings at Panache.

As recreant you can join the competition teams as substitute. Besides, you can join the amateur competition. Furthermore you can join the advanced trainings on Thursday and you are always welcome to come for free playing at both the playing evenings of Panache.

As contributor you can join the advanced/beginners training at Monday and Thursday, depending on your badminton level. Here you can improve your badminton skills and make sure you get undefeatable on the court. Don’t be mistaken, badminton trainings are intensive and guarantee for a good exercise for your body. Besides you are always welcome to come for free play at the Monday or Thursday evening at Panache.

All of this is summarized in the table below: