Lustrum XI

The moment is almost there! ESBV Panache will turn 55 years and this ask for a big party!

We have to inform you that the dinner is full! You can still join the activity and the drinks after the dinner!

The full program is ready! We will start with an activity and will have the 3-course dinner and drinks afterwards.

Date: 25th of november!

Time schedule:

14:00    Gather at the escaperoom
18:00    Gather at Usine for the dinner
19:30    Start drinks
01:00    End


We will try to escape from an escape room in the middle of Eindhoven! The activity will be at Eindhoven040. Be aware that we have limited place so full=full!

You can subscribe for the activity with the following link:
Subscriptionform activity

Costs: 10 euro per person
Address: Mathildelaan 1, 5611 BD Eindhoven
Start: 14:00


We will have a 3-course dinner at Usine in the middle of Eindhoven! We have to inform you that the dinner is full!

Cost: 15 euro per person
Address: Lichttoren, 5611 BJ Eindhoven
Start: 18:00


Everyone is welcome to join the drinks in the evening! We will have some activities and celebrate the birthday of Panache so join us!

If you want to organise an activity during the evening, please inform us at


You can reach the committee at for any other remarks and questions.