Competitie verslag – Heren 1

“A day out of Fantastic four”

My first day of Panache competitions began with an exciting long drive to Tilburg. I was set to explore a new world of Badminton outside India together with Stefan van den Hoek, Timo Visser and Matt Timmers. Thanks to Matt’s music it really was a joyful ride.

A cordial welcome by our opponents BC Bever and it didn’t even take a while to get settled. We battled 8 matches, where 7 were 3 setters. We won 3 singles and lost 1 and the results complemented with that of doubles. There were nail biting rallies and close finishes.We were forced to a tie with a final score of 4-4.

Then came the best part after a quick shower. Our opponents hosted a beer hour !! We talked football and got to know each other more.
Thanks to Panache for making me a part of you. This first day was a promise of many more amazing days of Badminton with Panache.

Fingers Crossed !!!!!!!!!!

Praveen Pujari.

Villa Fiesta en Panache

Dear members,

A while ago, we said that Café Kastelein and Panache would work together this year. In the summer, Café Kastelein changed his name to Villa Fiesta. This means that Villa Fiesta will be our sponsor from now on!
There has been cards made for the members of Panache to get discount at Villa Fiesta, to celebrate this!


With this discount card, you can get discount when Panache organize activities. Beer will cost 1,75euro, with the discount card. So, always have this card in your wallet! It will save you a lot of money!

You can pick up the discount card this Thursday, and in the weeks after this week at the board!

Seizoen 2014/2015 begint binnenkort!

From 1 September, the new season will start, and unless you have moved to an other country, there is no reason to not become a member from Panache. That means for the most of you all: Sign up again!
For only 20 euro each year, you can be a contributor. This means you will be able to play all the playing evenings, and once in a week you can attend a training. The possibility to sign up exists throughout the whole year. Especially in the first few weeks, you can sign up easily at the beginning of a playing evening. There will be a table with registration forms, you can sign up over there.
You can write down your bank number or pay with cash. When you write down your bank number, please write the IBAN number. The amount of money will be charged at the end of the season 2014-2015. When you pay with cash, please bring exact change with you.

Also, we will use the orange board from 1 September with the passes. To avoid problems with not having the passes, you can already sign up for Panache this week. If you do that, you will have immediately your personalised pass at 1 september to reservate a court. Stefan, our treasurer, will post an explanation about the orange board on the website as soon as possible.

panache collage

In the month Oktober we want, the 51ste board, retire, and give new members the chance to experience Panache as a board. When you are a board, you will make sure that Panache will still exist at the end of the season.
As chairman, you will feel powerful, and you can take advantage of that, because you are the chairman.
As secretary, you will write everything down when you feel like to do, and kick the chairman if he or she is not doing his/her job.
As treasurerm, you can make Panache going down…or not.
Kidding ofcourse, a function in the board is a serious job. It is expected that people who sign up for this job are serious and have a great feeling of responsiblity. Are you interested to be a part of the board, please send an email to, and we will send you more information!

If you want to have less responsbility than the board, but still wants to be an active member, please join us in a committee. There are differents committees, like the PAK (activities for the members, TC (competitions stuffs…) and the PaMPer (if you can write stories and gossips and stuffs like that). We have more and more committees which are looking for members! It won’t take more time than 10 hours in a month, and you will get a lot of advantages!

For now, enough has been written.


Matt, Stefan en Sara.

Introductie 2014

Panache can again be found in the introduction week of the TUe. If you could’nt find us you can also come to one of our playing evenings on monday and thursday starting from the 1st of September. We play from 20:00 till 23:00 in hall 1 of the SSC.

The introduction training of Panache for the introduction week of the TUe will be on thursday starting at 14:00 in hall 2. Registration can be done via

PAKtiviteit – Eind BBQ – vrijdagavond 4 juli

bbq panache1Dear members,

The last PAKtivity of the badminton season is coming!
You’re all invited to join our BBQ on Friday the 4th of July. Afterwards we’re going out in Stratum. The costs of joining the BBQ are €6,00, food and drinks included.

You can join by adding your name on the participation list in the sports hall, or by sending an email to, until the 4th of July. Let us know when you’re vegetarian or have an allergy. Any questions? Contact Ilse or Sara.

Greets from the PAK,

Dinner Cycle Tour

Friday the 6th of June, I have participated with the Dinner Cycle Tour from Panache. We have been selected intro small groups and every group had to make a dish. This could be the entree, main dish or dessert. I was in the same group as Bram, Thijs and Ilse, and we had to make the dessert.
We started with this Pakitivity at Ilse and Rudy’s home. This was also the meeting place for this Paktivity. Here we got the entree; delicious miniquiches! After that, I went with my group to Sara’s place, where we got to eat the main dish. We got Pasta with tuna and pesto, this was also delicious. At the end, we went to Stijn, where we made the dessert: strawberry with cointreau.
To finish this sociable (and delicious) event, the whole group went to café Kastelein to have a drink. I have enjoyed this evening and learnt a lot of new people!
Thanks Panache!

Rosandra Teurlings

paktiviteit dinner cycle tour

Clubkampioenschappen 2014!

Last Saturday, I joined club championship game which was organized by Panache. It was a very nice weather. Double teams are organized randomly, and I played with Sara together. Sara is a very good player and a nice teammate who truly understands team work. We tried our best in the games, so we have won many games, unfortunately, we are stopped by Xiaoming Lyu ‘s team in the semi-final , they played very well. All the competitors have shown their spirits for sports, that is something makes the championship gezelig. And of course, we enjoyed a lekker dinner after games, made some fun in the night. I would like to join such a wonderful event next time.

Qiang Zheng


PAKtiviteit – Dinner Cycle Tour – Vrijdagavond 6 juni

Lieve Panachers,
Het is weer tijd voor een PAKtiviteit. De PAKtiviteit die op het programma staat is een Dinner Cycle Tour!
Voor degenen die niet bekend zijn met het concept: We zullen een driegangendiner gaan nuttigen en iedere gang bij iemand anders thuis. Na het eten verplaats je je per fiets naar de volgende locatie. Iedereen bereid in groepjes 1 gang voor.
De Dinner Cycle Tour zal plaatsvinden op vrijdag 6 juni. Tijd en locatie volgen nog. De kosten voor deze PAKtiviteit bedragen € 3,00 per persoon.
Opgeven kan tot 2 juni, door een mail te sturen naar of door je in te schrijven op de inschrijflijst in de sporthal. Heb je allergieën? Vergeet deze dan niet te vermelden.
Hopelijk tot de 6e! Groetjes Ilse 
fiets bord

Clubkampioenschappen 2014

Na een lange tijd zullen er weer clubkampioenschappen plaatsvinden bij Panache! En wel op 31 mei 2014, in zaal 3 van het sportcentrum!

Het is niet bekend of er singles/dubbels of mix wordt gespeeld. Dit is afhankelijk van het aantal mensen die mee gaan doen met de clubkampioenschappen. Daarom vragen we vriendelijk of je een bevestigingsmailtje naar wilt sturen voor 22 mei!
Ook wordt er gespeeld in twee categorieën; namelijk de veren en nylon categorieën. Genoeg mensen van jouw niveau dus, en uiteindelijk gaat het allemaal om het plezier.
De kosten voor dit evenement zullen drie euro zijn. Dit om de zaalhuur te bekostigen. Graag contant en gepast meenemen op 31 mei!

Verder is het idee om na de clubkampioenschappen met een (grote) groep Panachers te gaan eten bij Trafalgar Pub. De kosten hiervan zijn voor eigen rekening. Laat ook even weten voor 22 mei of je meegaat of niet, in verband met de reservering.

Om op de hoogte te blijven van de laatste ontwikkelingen omtrent de clubkampioenschappen: