Panache has two playing evenings in the Student Sports Center Eindhoven. On Monday and Thursday we can be found in hall 1 from 20:00 – 23:30 and on Thursday we also have hall 3b after 21:30. 

Our playing evenings are structured as follows:


20.15 – 21.30 beginners training
21.30 – 22.30 advanced training
22.30 – 23.30 free playing


Hall 1:
20.15 – 21.30 advanced training
21.30 – 22.30 beginners training
22.30 – 23.30 open training (free playing)
Hall 3:
21.30 – 23.30 free playing

During training hours, the whole hall is in principle dedicated for training purposes.
However, when there are courts available (how many, will become clear at the start of the training) anyone can free-play on these courts following the normal rules with our rotation board (see “rotion system”).

Every student that owns a valid sports card of the Student Sports Center is welcome to join us on our playing evenings. You are welcome to join us for free two times to get to know our club. However we ask a small membership fee if you like to join our sports club. For more information about the membership see “Information”. New SSC card holders are always welcome to come and take a look at our club. A board member is always there to provide you with more information!