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There have been some questions regarding categories of the tournament in relation to the NBB classes competition. See the following
document to look up the category you belong to.

NB: The categories/classes differ per region.

Lunch & diner

No free lunch will be will be served by the organisation. You can buy lunch packs at the canteen. The canteen also offers a variety of snacks at student prices. A diner will be served on Saturday evening, however additional costs of 8,00 euro will be charged when you want to join and you have to check dinner on the subscription form.


On Saturday evening, after the diner, there will be a party. Joining this party is free of charge (except for the drinks), and it is allowed to join the party without attending the diner.

Staying over

During the tournament it is possible to sleep Saturday night at the Students Sportcentrum. When you want the sleep at the Students Sportcentrum on Saturday, you have to put it on your registration form. The costs for sleeping at the Students Sportcentrum are 6 euro, including breakfast, and have to be payed together with the rest of the costs for the tournament.

This year it is once again possible to spend the night at the Students Sportcentrum on Friday. The costs for sleeping at the Students Sportcentrum on Friday will also be 6 euros. A breakfast on Saturday morning will be provided.