Here’s a list with the costs of participation for the Panache tournament:

  • EUR 11,00 for the first component, EUR 8,00 for Panache members
  • EUR 7,00 for the second component
  • EUR 8,00 for the diner on Saturday evening
  • EUR 6,00 per night to spend the night at the Students sport center (friday-saturday, saturday-sunday)
  • EUR 6,00 for a t-shirt (normal model or ladies model)

The price for a t-shirt is higher than previous years. This is because we decided to go for a higher quality shirt. More information can be found on the tab t-shirts.

The registration is not valid until all costs regardig the tournament participation have been received by the organisation, including the costs for the diner.

If you want to invite someone to the diner on saturday evening who is not participating in the tournament, please send us an email at toernooi@esbvpanache.nl.

The costs for participation have to be received by the organisation before the start of the tournament and can be payed by transfering the money to account NL67INGB0001585734, held by ‘E.S.B.V. Panache’ in Eindhoven.
Please mention ‘Panache Toernooi’, your name and your initials with your payment. When you pay before the 4th of February 2018 a discount of 3,00 euro will be given. You may substract this from your payment when this applies.

For payments from abroad, we hereby provide some additional information:
IBAN: NL67INGB0001585734
Bank: ING Bank

However, please try to make your payment in advance by bank; if this is not possible, please bring the money in cash to pay at the registration table.

NOTE: Are you going to pay by bank; please not too close to the tournament date. Experience shows that bank traffic is slow (especially in the weekend), and in that case we cannot verify whether your payment has arrived during the tournament. Please don’t send your money after the Friday the week before the tournament (16th of February).