Here’s an expected schedule for the Panache tournament 2023. This schedule is based on the headlines of the tournament. The schedule is subject to change. 

For now, you can see the program if the external problems do not affect the tournament but keep in mind that there is a chance that the schedule will drastically change.


  • 20:30h reception of participants who will sleep at the Sports center on Friday night


  • 07:00h – 08.15h Breakfast for those who stayed during the night.
  • 8:20h – 18:00h Matches
  • 19.15h – 20.45h Dinner
  • 21:00h – 03:00h Party!


  • 07.00h – 08.15h Breakfast for those who stayed during the night.
  • 8.30h – 15.50h Matches
  • ~16:00h Award ceremony

No free lunch will be will be served by the organization since this is not in regulation of the SSCE. However, you will be offered the possibility to buy lunch packs at the canteen. The canteen also offers a variety of snacks at student prices.

It is not allowed to bring Alcoholic drank and/or Drugs to the SSCE. SSCE and the organization have the right to confiscate these if found in possession of the player.