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There have been some questions regarding categories of the tournament in relation to the NBB classes competition. See the following
document to look up the category you belong to.

NB: The categories/classes differ per region.

Lunch & dinner

No free lunch will be will be served by the organization, but lunch can be ordered in advance during registration. Due to the ongoing renovations of the sportscenter there will be limited food and drinks available. As far as we are currently informed, there will only be vending machines to buy food and drinks from.

There will be a possibility to subscribe for a lovely dinner served on Saturday evening by our wonderful members of the tournament committee. This tasty dinner will be priced at 8,50€.


The Panache tournament comes with a legendary party in the theme of the tournament “Construction”. We encourage every participant to come party with us in a lovely childish disguise. Further information regarding the party will be given at a later date.

Staying over

Participants will be provided with the availability to stay over on Saturday night in the sport hall and the price will be €7 per night. A free breakfast will be provided for all the people that are staying over.  

More information about paying the staying over fee is available in the section “costs”.