Hi there, we are the 61st Board of Panache. For the season 2023-2024 we will do our very best to make sure that all members of Panache feel welcomed at our association. If you have any questions about Panache, have any complaints, or just want to have a chat, feel free to send us an email at board@esbvpanache.nl, or you can of course also just approach us on our playing evening ūüôā
~61st Board of Panache, at your service


Chairwoman: Maud

Hello everyone, I am Maud van den Boomen and I am the new chairwoman of Panache. I only started last year with playing badminton, but ever since I started playing it has become a really big passion of mine. I would like to raise my level even further this year. Besides that, I liked the association and the members from the beginning onwards and I felt immediately at home at Panache. I hope that we can give you that same feeling!

Vice-Chairman: Songchai
I’m thrilled to serve as your Vice-Chairman for this academic year. My journey with¬†Panache¬†began as COVID restrictions lifted, and I quickly fell in love with this association. As a passionate badminton enthusiast, I’m dedicated to improving our skills and fostering a vibrant community.
I enjoy organizing fun activities and ensuring everything runs smoothly. I also love a good party and look forward to creating memorable moments for all of us. Let’s make this year exceptional! I am at your service!

Secretary: Wilbur
Hey everyone, I am happy to announce I will be the secretary of Panache this year. I really like Panache, I felt very welcome from the very beginning. I am really enjoying my time here, I truly like all the trainings and matches, as well as the drinks in the canteen and all nice activities. I hope to be able to let my fellow members feel welcome at Panache.


Treasurer: Melle
Hey there, I am Melle Sernee and I will be your treasurer this coming year. I’ve only joined this club since the beginning of 2023 but since then I really found myself enjoying badminton again after taking a half year break from it. I hope that I, together with the other 3 amazing board members, can make you love badminton as much as I do!