Commissies binnen Panache

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Algemene Commissies

Technische Commissie (TC)

The technical committee guards the quality of the training and is responsible for creating and subscribing competition teams. There is a separate committee for this, because the board changes every year but we do not want the trainings to change every year.

Toernooi Kommissie (ToKo)

The ToKo organizes the yearly Panache Tournament.

Panache Lustrum Kommissie (PLuK)

This committee is active during Panache its lustrum year.

Panache Activiteiten Kommissie (PAK)

The PAK organises regular activities for Panache members. This committee also has budget and it is recommend to have regular activities, like try to propose something every month.

Panache Intro Kommissie (PIK)

The PIK organizes the aspects necessary to present Panache at the TU/e Bachelor intro week every summer. This includes a stand at the green market stand and workshops.

De Internet Kommissie (DIK)

DIK is in charge of the digital part of Panache. Think about e-mail aliases and website permissions.

Promotie Commissie (ProCo)

The ProCo is in charge of promotional issues such as social media.

Sponsor Commissie (SpoCo)

The SpoCo is in charge of gathering and keeping contact with sponsors

Panache Lange Termijn Beleid Kommissie (PLaTBeK)

This committee is in charge of Panache’s long term policy.

Trainingsweekend Organisatie Kommissie (TOK)

The TOK organizes a yearly training weekend for all Panache members. The training weekend is 2 days full of badminton training and a sleep-over.

ClubKampioenschappen Kommissie (CKK)

The CKK organizes a club championship.

De Kas Commissie (KasCo)

The KasCo consists of previous treasurers, checking up upon the current treasurer. Big spenditures must be approved by the KasCo, as well as the yearly financial report at the end of each board year. Members cannot be in the KasCo for more than 2 consecutive years.

De Raad van Advies (RVA)

The advisory board consist of former board members or honourable members (ereleden) with experience to give advice to the current board members. The RvA is not answering simple questions but only helping with complicated matters.

Other committees

If there is no description, then this committee has no regular meetings, activities, or something like that. Then the committee has not direct visible impact on the association.

Panache Kantine Kommissie

Panache Kalender Kommissie

Panache Klachten Kommissie

Panache Knuffel Kommissie

Panache Koffie Kommissie

Kont Appreciatie Kommissie (KAK)

Thee Appreciatie Kommissie (TAK)

Panache MiniP’ette Redactie (PaMPeR)

This committee creates a small association magazine for the Panache members with information and fun articles. Currently, in board year ’22-’23, this committee supports the creation of the newsletter.

JaarVerslag Commissie (JVC)

Kommissie Geschied Beschrijving (KGB)

Panache Douche Front (PDF)

Panache Commando Kommissie (PeeCoK)

Foto Kommissie (FOK)

This committee contains members who like photography and are able to make pictures during training, activities, parties etc. of Panache which we can use for the website or promotion material.

Erelid eN Erelid Commissie (ENECO)

Bas Is Erelid, Rik en Tom Juichen Em Toe (BIERTJE)

SCHaAP Societé Cuisine Haute Aux Panache (SCHaAP)

Spelletjes Kommissie (SpeK)

Liederrijk Panache Genootschap (LPG)

Fristi Appreciatie Commissie/Kommissie (FACK)

Panache Actieve Members Manifestatie Baanbrekend Op Onze Manier (PALMBOOM)

Bata44 Commissie (BaCo)

Panache LAN Committee (PLANK)

Verdrietige PanacheR Opvang (VPRO)

Rekken En Strekken En Trekken (RESET)